Cowboy boots



One of the things on my Texas bucket list was to get cowboy boots. I didn’t think it would happen within the first week of us being here, but it did!

Our apartment complex is across the highway from Cavender’s Boot City. My dad and I decided to peruse around the store. I knew I was going to fall in love with some boots, but I didn’t expect to fall SO HARD.

There was a sale going on, and the sales person told me that the sale would go on for as long as the boots were available (and what they had on the shelves was it for stock) so I broke down, and asked Derek to meet us at the store with my wallet.

Here is there website for anyone who wants to check them out:





The picture of the two pairs of boots are the ones I ended up buying. My Aunt said that she would treat me to one of the pairs for my birthday. My birthday is coming up. I can probably get another pair, and then more pairs for Christmas! I saw about 15 other pairs that I liked, and that is not an exaggeration. Slowly but surely.

I even put in an application to work for Cavender’s. The store manager was very nice and said that there might be some part-time work available in the fall. We will have to see. I will have to work in order to pay for this boot addiction!




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