Pappa’s BBQ



My dad told me that while he was here for the week in Houston, he wanted to find some really good Texas BBQ. I thought it would be a daunting task at first, because well, there would probably be hundreds of places to choose from. When we were driving around the first day, we passed Pappa’s BBQ. We looked online at their menu and decided to check it out. None of us had expected what we found inside.


This is what you see from the outside. Just looks like a regular restaurant, right?


But this is what you see when you look inside. It was almost like stepping inside a rustic cabin.


There was old Texas memorabilia everywhere, and saddles hanging up in the wooden beams.

So this is how Pappa’s works: It is a sit down restaurant, but the food is cafeteria style. You get a tray, and you go down the line and order what you want. Service is fast and everyone works like a well oiled machine.



There is a bunch of food to choose from. Pulled pork, pulled beef, ribs, chicken, burgers, etc. And the sides are all really good! We tried the mac and cheese and the potato salad, and my dad tried the baked beans and the yams. The food was so good that my dad insisted we go back a second time, so we did!

I am sure that there are PLENTY of other BBQ places around, and we will eat at them eventually, but it is nice to know that there is a good place within two miles of our apartment! We will be coming here a lot for sure!


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