Galveston Railroad Museum


When dad was here for the week helping us move in, we wanted to have one day of fun and go to Galveston.

My dad and I are big train buffs, so we were happy to discover that there was a railroad museum.

The entrance, ticket booth and gift shop were in the actual old train station building, which was impressive in its own right.

There were lots of engines, cars and cabooses to check out. Highlights for me included the mail car, seeing the kitchen inside the dining cars and going inside the caboose. It was also cool to see the old 1950’s style sleeper cabins. So tiny!

Day Trip to Galveston_8

Day Trip to Galveston_10

Day Trip to Galveston_16

Day Trip to Galveston_17

Day Trip to Galveston_27

Day Trip to Galveston_29

Day Trip to Galveston_34

Day Trip to Galveston_36

Day Trip to Galveston_37

Day Trip to Galveston_41

Day Trip to Galveston_42

Day Trip to Galveston_48



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