Hermann Park


Hermann Park is about three and a half miles from our apartment. It is in the museum district, and the zoo is in the park as well as the Miller Outdoor Theater. So over all, just a really cool area to visit.

It is a large park, and so far we have only explored the main section with the Sam Houston monument, the reflection pool with the Pioneer Memorial and McGovern Lake.

The Sam Houston monument was very grand, and the plaque on the monument offered a lot of interesting information about the man that this city was named after.

The reflection pool seemed like a very nice and peaceful place to walk around, or just sit and relax. Same goes for the neighboring McGovern Lake. However, if you are looking to up the fun, you can rent pedal boats on the lake. May have to take them up on that eventually.

There are lots of nice trails that weave around the park. We only sampled just a small portion of them, but when it gets cooler out, it will be a great place to get some exercise.

There is a cute little train that goes around the park. Tickets are $5. I also hope to do that some day in the future.

The main highlight was the Japanese Garden. We stumbled upon it, and I was shocked that it was free admission! It was an added bonus.

Looking forward to exploring more of the park in the future!

Hermann Park_2

Hermann Park_4

Hermann Park_6

Hermann Park_7

Hermann Park_8

Hermann Park_28

Hermann Park_31

Hermann Park_32

Hermann Park_39

Hermann Park_37

Hermann Park_13

Hermann Park_17

Hermann Park_19

Hermann Park_23

Hermann Park_24


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