Siphon Coffee


One of our top places to find in Texas was a good coffee shop. Derek and I practically live in coffee shops. (And I don’t even like coffee, haha!) No, I was in search of the perfect chai tea latte.

The Starbucks ones are too sweet, and you need to put a pump of flavoring in them to make them taste any good. The best chai I ever had was at the Wired Rooster back in Wellsboro, but that place ended up closing down. I’ve been trying to find a replacement ever since. Siphon Coffee comes pretty close! The key to a good chai is that it is equal parts sweet and spicy. Siphon sprinkles cinnamon on top, which does the trick.

I discovered Siphon Coffee when it was suggested to me by a person I was interviewing for an article in OutSmart Magazine. (More on that soon…)

We like Siphon because of the atmosphere. It’s rustic meets industrial. Wooden countertops and tables, leather seats, and exposed pipes in the ceiling. Plus there are some cool knicknacks around and artwork. There is also a great seating area outside.

The menu is large and diverse. Some of their staples include lemon tarts, (I have yet to try it and lemon desserts are my favorite!) hobnobs, (oatmeal cookie covered in chocolate) and sweet and savory scones. The last time we went over lunch, and I tried a warm cheddar and green onion scone.

I am so happy that we found a coffee shop that we both like, and so quickly too!






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