The Menil Collection


Last weekend Derek and I spent a Saturday afternoon checking out the Menil Collection, which is the largest private art collection in the gallery.

I was not allowed to take pictures inside the galleries, but photos were allowed in the corridors.

Some highlights of the collection included indigenous people’s art (the masks, carvings and the woven blankets were fascinating) a room dedicated to Pablo Picasso’s drawings, and Andy Warhol paintings.

My favorite Picasso was a series called “The Bull.” In each drawing, the drawing of the bull gets stripped down of the basics.

Here is an article describing The Bull, along with pictures:

I enjoyed seeing one of Warhol’s famous chicken soup can paintings, and a large bright painting titled “Flowers.”  Check this link to see the series:

My personal favorite was a drawing by Henri Matisse, because I wrote a paper on him last year in school. It is awesome to be able to learn something, and then actually be able to go see it.

Here is a link to that drawing:

Some history: Towards the end of Matisse’s life, he helped design a chapel in the south of France. This drawing features sketches of the spire of the chapel.





An Andy Warhol painting titled “Ice Box.”




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