Galveston Beach


I went to Galveston for the day a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful October day that still felt like summer, so I thought, why not take advantage while I still can?

I decided to park along the Seawall Boulevard. The night before, I downloaded the PayByPhone app. Parking at the seawall requires you to pay by phone. You can park at the seawall by calling a number posted on signs every couple of spaces, or you can do it on your phone, which I think is much easier.

I preloaded my credit card information, so when I parked, all I had to do was type in the parking space number into the app. Easy. They charge $1 per hour, and that fee starts at 10 a.m. Get there early, and you can get some free parking time in to maximize your day.

That day on the beach was half to relax, and half to get my bearings. Growing up by the Jersey Shore, we had a specific location that we went to every time. I wanted to stake out a spot for myself in Galveston as well. I found it around 61st street.

There is a fishing pier there (good for people watching) and if I feel like spending $2, I can get admission to the top deck of the pier, which looks like a nice seating area, plus a free cold fountain drink. Derek gets bored easily on the beach, so I think he would be willing to spend the $2 to get on to the pier, if he chooses to come with me in the future. You can also buy snacks in the little gift shop at the entrance to the pier.

The main reason why I picked 61st street is that I noticed that directly across the street from the beach there is a Jimmy Johns sandwich place, and a Rita’s Water Ice. Rita’s???? Here? I thought I was back in New Jersey for a second when I saw it. It will be nice to know that we can go to the beach for a day, and then get lunch/dinner and dessert before we head back home.

Walking up and down the seawall, I also noticed that there was a lot of artwork on the seawall itself, and statues. It was really neat to stop and look at all of it. There were beautiful wild flowers growing on vines all up and down to seawall too. I also came across the former spot of Fort Crockett. During the WWI, Fort Crockett served as a Army artillery training center.








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