I got a job!


After ten weeks of being in Texas, and applying to over 75 jobs, I finally was hired, and not a moment too soon either.

I am a paginator for Houston Community Newspapers. Paginator means designer. I will be designing a group of weekly community papers. The Houston Chronicle (the largest newspaper in Texas!) recently acquired HCN. So technically, I work under the Houston Chronicle Media Group umbrella.

I’ve been here for little over a week, and it’s been good so far. Everyone is friendly and they have been helpful. There are a large amount of newspapers that need to go out every week, so the pagination takes up 3 and a half days of my work week. The other day and a half I will be gathering up and compiling press releases, calendar of events, etc. I will also be reporting a bit when time allows.

I attended a new employee orientation yesterday morning. The group watched a short YouTube video of the history of the Hearst Corporation (the corporation that owns the Chronicle.) I had this moment of awe, because I remembered learning about William Randolph Hearst (founder) in my earliest journalism classes. I’m pretty luck to have gotten such a job.

Getting a job was the last piece of the puzzle for us to get settled in, and I’m glad that we can both settle into a routine now.



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