HEB Thanksgiving Day Parade


A few weeks ago, I found out that there was a Thanksgiving Day parade in Houston. Well I made up my mind right then and there to go, because how does does that sound? I suppose I didn’t ever stop and think that there might be other parades out there other than the famed Macy’s parade in NYC. I’ve never been there, and it always seemed to crazy to try to attempt to go, so the one in Houston definitely seemed more doable.

Plus, I’m trying extra hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year (drowning myself in tv specials and movies glaore) because well, it sure doesn’t feel like Christmas when it is in the 70s! So a Thanksgiving parade seemed like just the ticket.

It was in downtown, so I had to get up at the crack of dawn and take the metro in. I only had to walk a few blocks over where I was joined with the crowds. At around 7 a.m. there were lots of people around the parade route, but still plenty of front row curb seating. The parade started at 9 a.m. and by that time the crowds were 10 rows deep in some places!

Thanksgiving Day parade_5

Thanksgiving Day parade_17

Thanksgiving Day parade_26

I was very happy to see a turkey float. It’s not “Tom the Turkey” from Macy’s but he looks pretty close!

Thanksgiving Day parade_34

The parade marshals were Simone Manuel and Simone Biles, the two Olympians from Houston!

Thanksgiving Day parade_42

There were quite a few balloons!

Thanksgiving Day parade_51

Thanksgiving Day parade_57

Thanksgiving Day parade_64

Thanksgiving Day parade_75

Thanksgiving Day parade_92

I made sure to cheer extra loud when the UH float came by!

Thanksgiving Day parade_97

My favorite part of the parade was seeing the Budweiser horses. I saw them once a long time ago in SeaWorld as a kid.

Thanksgiving Day parade_150

Thanksgiving Day parade_163

Thanksgiving Day parade_173

Thanksgiving Day parade_192

Thanksgiving Day parade_201

Overall it was a great parade! I would recommend it to anyone in the area! It’s a good way to kick off the holiday season. I got home after the parade and got to watch the second airing of the Macy’s parade so it was a great day!



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