Santa’s Wonderland


I was insistent on finding a bunch of Christmas things to do, mostly because it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all! Although I have to admit today was really cold and windy, and tonight Houston is getting it’s first overnight freeze in many years! But no snow in sight though!

I came across Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, which is northwest of Houston, an hour and a half away. It is a drive thought light show on hayrides (reminded me of our times seeing the Sweet Lights in Hershey, PA) and a little Christmas village.

I was able to buy a ticket in advance to save a few bucks, and I was able to save even more by committing to go on a “value night” or a week day in the beginning of the season. This worked out in our favor because I have off Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We had a nice time. It seemed to be more for families, but if you are a little kid at heart and like being in the Christmas spirit, then this place is still for you too. While the kids can get pictures with Santa or with Marshal Frostbite (the sheriff snowman) there were stores for adults to shop at (clothing, housewears, decorations, etc) and even a mini winery where you could do tastings.

There was a big bonfire with lots of seating around it in front of a stage that hosted different bands all night. Bands played a host of Christmas music. There was a movie screen so we caught a few minutes of The Christmas Story and Elf. We shared a peach cobbler that was cooked in a big cast iron pot over an open fire. Yum!

For extra, you could do things such as a mini train ride, a big slide and a petting zoo.

But the main highlight is the drive through lights. You can go as many times as you want! We went twice to sit on opposite sides to be able to see everything (and get the best pictures!)

Here are pictures from our night:

Santa's Wonderland_151

Santa's Wonderland_146

Santa's Wonderland_6

Santa's Wonderland_31

Santa's Wonderland_35

Santa's Wonderland_36

Santa's Wonderland_69

Santa's Wonderland_72

Santa's Wonderland_89

Santa's Wonderland_102

Santa's Wonderland_107

Santa's Wonderland_111

Santa's Wonderland_117

Santa's Wonderland_140

Santa's Wonderland_144


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