Houston Zoo Lights


We visited the Houston Zoo last week to see their Christmas light display. This event made me feel like I was “back home” because we’re so used to going to Hershey Park almost every Christmas to see their lights.

A major difference between here and there was that it was 60 degrees! I commented that the zoo was crowded, and Hershey never seemed this crowded. Derek replied that it was probably because it’s cold in Hershey!

We didn’t see any animals, except for a giraffe, a few flamingos, and the aquarium. It was too dark to see anything else, so don’t go to the Zoo Lights expecting to get the full zoo experience. But the theme of Zoo Lights is obviously animals, so you don’t feel like you’re losing out on anything. Overall it was very beautiful!

One thing I found interesting was that there was a section of Texas themed lights. There were lines to take pictures in front of each one! Of course, Derek and I took pictures with some of these lights, but we’re technically still tourists. People in Texas really do love that they are from Texas! I told Derek that it would have been strange if there was a Pennsylvania section of lights in Hershey Park!

Some pictures:

Zoo Lights_2

Zoo Lights_12

Zoo Lights_37

Zoo Lights_44

Zoo Lights_45

Zoo Lights_50

Zoo Lights_51

Zoo Lights_63

Zoo Lights_64

Zoo Lights_70

Zoo Lights_78

Zoo Lights_83

Zoo Lights_80


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