A Texas “winter”


Here are some things I have noticed about this season, which feels more like spring or fall most of the time!

Here, when temperatures drop, everyone scrambles to cover their tropical plants. I have seen reminders on Facebook from the local meteorologists with each cold front, and I am thankful for that, because we bring in our potted cactus too! This is something new to have to think about.

Speaking of cold fronts…
Cold fronts create such a drastic temperature swing here. Last week, it was 80 degrees on a Saturday, and by 11 p.m. the front blew in and it dropped 40 degrees. It was in the low 30s by Sunday morning. It is hard to grasp that fact that one day you’re wearing shorts and the next you’re bundled up with your winter gear. Cold fronts in winter in the northeast just make a cold day even colder. Just put on an extra layer and you don’t really notice the difference!

Most people here wanted a white and cold Christmas. Newsflash, it was in the high 70s on both Christmas Eve and Day. Apparently there was an extremely rare White Christmas in 2004, and the locals look back on that fondly! A local meteorologist writes a blog, and I always read them. The most recent blog was about just this topic. Apparently the news station held a poll and 75 percent of Houstonians don’t like a warm Christmas. However, this meteorologist had a good point, and that was that over 60 percent of Christians live in the southern hemisphere and therefore associate Christmas with summer. So, basically, Houstonians would have to get used to a warm Christmas like it or not. I think that is silly that people in Houston get mad when it’s not cold. It’s like if I wished for a 60 degree Christmas day back in PA and got mad each year when it didn’t happen!

One thing that I didn’t expect that I should have expected was the apartment being so drafty. But, it’s similar to most houses in Wellsboro not having air conditioning. It’s just not needed enough. So why would an apartment in Texas be well insulated? On one of the first cold mornings, I woke up and the house was 69 degrees, which is really good all things considered. I opened up the curtains in the living room, and ten minutes later the temp dropped three degrees to 66! So now when it is a cold day we know to just keep the curtains closed to keep the heat in. I am thinking about going to Hobby Lobby and buying fabric to make door socks!



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