The Super Bowl


So the Super Bowl has come and gone, and the $&#$%@! Patriots have won AGAIN. *sigh* I almost feel personally offended that they won in Houston, because I live here now, haha.

The last few days leading up to the game, and the day of the game itself was an experience to remember.

A week before the game, Derek and I drove around the stadium and took pictures of all the Super Bowl LI banners hanging on it. A lot of other people were doing the same thing.

I attended NFL Experience, which is an event that is hosted by every Super Bowl host city. It was a neat interactive place, with lots of displays, games, the opportunity to see NFL related TV shows being filmed live (I saw Von Miller of the Denver Broncos!), and of course, photo ops.

I also went to Super Bowl LIVE, the free fan festival that was held at Discovery Green park. That was less to do with football; anyone could go and have a good time. There were NASA exhibits, and there were even showings of the Puppy Bowl!

The day of the game itself I was freaked out about traffic because I have to drive right past the stadium on my way home from work. No car traffic, but so many people were walking around on the sidewalks, making their way to the stadium. I also saw a ton of people advertising how much their parking spaces were. I saw one for $120! Outrageous!

As much as I wanted to be at the game, I realized that most people in Houston were probably avoiding the game (and the prices) like the plague. The best seats in the house truly are your couch. It was extremely cool though when the Thunderbirds flew overhead, and it sounded like a rocket! I knew it was coming, but I didn’t expect it to be quite THAT loud. And I am pretty sure that I heard some of the fireworks during the halftime show.

Some pictures from Super Bowl week:

NFL Experience_7

NFL Experience_29


NFL Experience_32

NFL Experience_40

NFL Experience_43

NFL Experience_36



NFL Experience_58

NFL Experience_61

NFL Experience_74

NFL Experience_79

NFL Experience_98


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