Cockrell Butterfly Center


Last weekend Derek and I went to the Cockrell Butterfly Center, which is a part of the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I think it was a good experience for the price, which was $9 a ticket, and Derek got in for $8 when he showed his school ID.

The main section, where the butterflies are, is a large glass dome that is a few stories high. An iguana and a few turtles live among the butterflies too. There are also two small exhibits though, one about being an entomologist (one who studies bugs), and another where there was various bugs on display (thankfully) behind glass.

There were so many butterflies! Every time you turned around you saw a different one. Lots of different colors and species. I enjoyed getting use out of my macro camera lens.

Butterfly Center_74

Butterfly Center_8

Butterfly Center_5

Butterfly Center_18

Butterfly Center_27

Butterfly Center_30

Butterfly Center_39

Butterfly Center_40

Butterfly Center_42

Butterfly Center_61

Butterfly Center_64

Butterfly Center_62



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