30th birthday activities


Another year has come and gone. This birthday is a little more meaningful than most, because I am now 30. I was initially depressed when the day arrived. Let’s be real, I was actually depressed all summer long by the thought of the impending day.

It was rough to see all of the surprise 30th birthday pictures and events on my Facebook feed from friends, but I had to remind myself of all the quietly passed birthdays that did not make it to social media.

I felt like my birthday was doomed from the start, being on a Wednesday, also being the day that Derek has a night class. I did not expect much the day of, and so we planned to go out to dinner during the weekend.

I was pleasantly surprised though; my co-workers made sure I had a nice day.  There were cards to open, and my co-worker Tracy brought in a cookie-cake and balloons tied down with a tea mug. I share my birthday with my boss, so we all shared the cookie together.

That night, I went to Cavenders and I bought a new pair of cowboy boots for myself. I wore them the next day and I got a few compliments, including from a stranger at the grocery store!

On Friday night, Derek and I attended UH’s College of the Art’s Party at the Grove. It was an open house event for all of the art programs. It was nice to get out of the apartment for the night, and see some of Derek’s classmates and professors. One of the activities was a sketch artist, so Derek and I got our portraits done. I thought they came out well!

On Saturday night we went out to dinner. I picked the Black Labrador, a British pub. This is a restaurant that we have passed many times. The outside of the restaurant LOOKS like England. There is a phone booth, a Union Jack flag hanging, and lots of greenery and ivy.

The inside carried the theme well. We opened the front door and were greeted by a mannequin dressed like a Buckingham Palace guard. We both ordered burgers and got spinach and artichoke dip as an appetizer. The food was great. We will most likely come back here again.

I’m trying to feel better about being 30, because why worry anymore now that the birthday has passed? Derek and I are both successfully working at our goals, and I guess my life is in as good as a position as I can be right now. I know that by the time I am 31, life will be totally different, in a great way.













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