Art Car Parade preview


The Art Car Parade is an annual event in Houston, and I’ve been told by many people that it is quite the quirky thing to attend.

Unfortunately the parade is on a Saturday, (like most events) and I work weekends. However, I lucked out this time because there was a special preview of about half the cars at the Discovery Green park on Thursday night.

It was really neat to see so many different cars. The collection of “junk” on some of them was just amazing! The owners of the cars really get to show off their artistic abilities and their creativity. My favorite car was  one with singing fish and lobsters. The lobsters and the fish would move in sync with songs! It was hilarious!

Art car parade preview_2

Art car parade preview_9

Art car parade preview_21

Art car parade preview_36

Art car parade preview_47

Art car parade preview_50

Art car parade preview_56


Discovery Green


After seeing the gingerbread house, we decided to walk around Discovery Green, which is a park in downtown.

We had a good time enjoying some nature in the middle of the city, and I had some fun photographing nature.

Might I also add that it was hot out! 78 degrees on Christmas Eve! A lot of people had the same idea we did, and were out and about.

Christmas Eve_16

Christmas Eve_23

Christmas Eve_25

Christmas Eve_34

Christmas Eve_38

Christmas Eve_42

Christmas Eve_44