Downtown underground tunnels


Did you know that Houston has underground tunnels connecting all of the major buildings downtown? We didn’t know until recently, when I came across it online.

If you ever think that downtown is a bit empty during lunch time, there is a reason for that. Everyone is just below you! I expect a lot of people use the tunnels for relief from the summer heat.

It is like a little city underneath the city with multiple entrance points. There are over six miles of tunnels. We entered through one of the towers; there was an escalator going down right in the main lobby.

The tunnels are a large maze of sorts, with lots of long twisting and turning hallways, but there are maps every so often so you know where you are.

The tunnels are a mixture of shops, restaurants and food courts. Derek commented that it almost had an airport terminal feel. Most of the shops were errand related, like dry cleaners, banks and pharmacies. A one stop shop for workers on their lunch break. In fact, Derek’s bank had an office down there, so we stopped in and we were able to get a card for me for his account. It was something we had been meaning to do.

We had really good Chinese food at Dumpling House in one of the food courts. It was cheap too, can’t beat that. Funny because the Chinese food restaurant back in Wellsboro is called Dumpling House too.

It was interesting to explore a whole new level of the city. We will probably venture down there again, because there were a lot of good looking places to eat.









Discovery Green


After seeing the gingerbread house, we decided to walk around Discovery Green, which is a park in downtown.

We had a good time enjoying some nature in the middle of the city, and I had some fun photographing nature.

Might I also add that it was hot out! 78 degrees on Christmas Eve! A lot of people had the same idea we did, and were out and about.

Christmas Eve_16

Christmas Eve_23

Christmas Eve_25

Christmas Eve_34

Christmas Eve_38

Christmas Eve_42

Christmas Eve_44

Buffalo Bayou Park


I love being outdoors. I was afraid that I might possibly feel claustrophobic in a big city like Houston, but no worries, there are plenty of green spots to explore.

Having already explored Hermann Park, we now set our sights upon Buffalo Bayou Park, which is a large park near downtown.

We only explored half of it. It is a long narrow park, and we parked our car in about the halfway point, and walked towards downtown. We will have to explore the other half some other time.

There was lots to see, and I am sure that we only saw a fraction of it. There were so many different paths to take. In our approximately two mile hike we saw many different statues, different little gardens and some ponds filled with turtles and ducks. All the while the Buffalo Bayou winds along the paths (hence the name of the park.)

Buffalo Bayou Park _4

Buffalo Bayou Park _5

Buffalo Bayou Park _9

Buffalo Bayou Park _10

Buffalo Bayou Park _14

Buffalo Bayou Park _21

Buffalo Bayou Park _29

Buffalo Bayou Park _30

Buffalo Bayou Park _33