UH Football


Last month we went to our first University of Houston football game. It was an experience in itself!

There were fireworks, push-ups, flames, flags, and a mobile helmet, just to name a few!

To explain: When the team entered the stadium, there were flames on either side of them. Was not expecting that! UH celebrates touchdowns in a big way: Each time UH got a touch down, fireworks were shot off, and a group of ROTC students plus the mascots, Shasta and Sasha, did the number of pushups for the number of points that UH had on the board. Plus, the cheerleaders and a group of guys called “The Frontiersmen” run up and down the field with the Texas flag, and flags that spell out “HOUSTON COUGARS.” AND, as if this all weren’t enough already, a mobile helmet drives up and down the end zone!

The stadium is huge, compared to Mansfield University’s (where we got our bachelor degrees in Pennsylvania) tiny bleachers. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was at an NFL game!

The student section was wild! They really get into all of the cheers. Within a few minutes, I knew most of the basic cheers. “C-O-U-G-A-R-S… Who we talking about? We’re talking ’bout the cougars!” It helped sitting next to the band!

It was a great game, vs. Lamar Cardinals, and UH won! The downside of the game was that there was a lightning delay for almost three hours!!!! I have now learned that every time there is a lightning strike within eight miles of the stadium, there is a 30 minute delay. Once the game had finally resumed, about half the stadium had left, and it was getting so late that we could only stay until the end of the third quarter.

We are going to attempt to see a second game in November. Hopefully we will have better luck time-wise.

UH vs. Lamar_6

UH vs. Lamar_63

UH vs. Lamar_74

UH vs. Lamar_77

UH vs. Lamar_89

UH vs. Lamar_96

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UH vs. Lamar_114

UH vs. Lamar_113